The Beginner's Chat

Learning can be fun

Wednesday, June 14 at 2:10 PM EDT

This free webinar is your chance to talk to clinicians who have been doing neurofeedback  with clients for a few years, and can still remember what it was like starting out.

Questions about neurofeedback in your practice?

Learning how to do neurofeedback training with others is exciting and often humbling. There is so much to learn! We hope to be a resource to help normalize this journey and be available for conversations so you don’t have to feel alone in it. Join the Beginner's Chat with Mary Zaudtke & Chris Wheeler Doe

Dates of Upcoming TBC Sessions

January 11 | February 8 | March 8 | April 12 | May 10 | June 14 | July 12 | August 9 | September 13 | October 11 | November 8 | December 13


1) Always at the same time, the second Wednesday of each month.

2) Only access the zoom link during the appointed time (2:10 PM EST) .

3) The link will be the same for all sessions.

4) If you sign up for the list we'll email you the link, about three hours before the session begins.