About EEG Learn

What Is EEG Learn?

EEG Learn provides  affordable online training, webinars, and resources about healing and the brain.

Why is learning so important?

Full recovery and healing is possible. With strong therapeutic relationships and by facilitating healthy brain function, we can help bring about transformation. Despite severe circumstances and histories, this learning can help people to thrive.

But specifically healthy brain function, really?

Our understanding of the brain has a critical influence on how we think about learning, about growth, and about aging.

This understanding affects our ability to overcome challenges like depression, stress, and anxiety. It can help address issues that seriously impact quality of life, such as epilepsy, dissociation, autism, even trauma. And importantly, recognizing that there are neurological aspects to these challenges can help reduce stigmatization.

Understanding how the brain works provides insight into healing from trauma. It can help us to be calmer, improve our choices, and enhance our mental function.


What We Want To See

1. Clinicians easily teach and learn from one other.

2. Resources for this work become more readily available.

3. Science about the brain is accessible to all.


How Will We Get There?

a. Provide online learning for clinicians.

b. Build community around this learning.

c. Offer tools to support clinicians and the public.


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