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Restoring the Self in the Aftermath of Trauma

Regaining Our Rhythm, Balance, Regulation, And Connection

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Program Directors: Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, & Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

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"This was a wonderful experience. I appreciate the diversity and expertise of all of the presenters. The experiential [sessions] were very helpful. I would highly recommend it to co-workers and supervises."


- Laurie Qualah


"I learned a tremendous amount. The presenters were diverse and informative. The information was inspiring and motivates me to use with my clients."

- Susannah Harnden



"I loved this conference! The variety of presenters was very good and their content was rich and engaging. The more we understand that trauma/Trauma can be healed and learn how to do it, the better off we will all be."

- Lisa Bourdon


Neuroscience and Practical Therapeutic Skills for Resilience In Troubled Times

In February of this year, Dr. Ruth Lanius and Dr. Cathy Malchiodi hosted the Restoring The Self In The Aftermath Of Trauma Conference. We want to thank them for bringing together an amazing collection of researchers and clinicians. We are continually inspired by emerging neuroscience research and the work of these professionals in the field of trauma recovery. Having long prioritized the learning process as well as relationships among participants, we were amazed by the enthusiastic response from attendees. If you were not able to attend the conference we are offering ACCESS TO ALL THE SESSIONS! We think you will find these sessions inspiring and informative. If you'd like to get more information about EEGer and all of our offerings, fill out the form below!

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In this conference, we focused on four key factors in restoration
of the self and the process of healing:


Regaining equilibrium, emotional stability, equity, and compassion for self and others.


Resourcing experiences to support self-care, co-
regulation, self-efficacy, and empowerment.


Regaining the internal tempo of well-being through movement, musicality, playfulness, curiosity, and imagination.


Responding with interpersonal synchrony, transgenerational resilience, community and unity, and optimal relationship to self and the world.

 Conference Sessions

A Brain's Rhythm: Neurofeedback for Quieting Fear and Reactivity

with Sebern Fisher

Headshot of Sebern Fisher
When The Past Becomes The Present: Calming The Survival Brain During Uncertain Times

with Dr. Ruth Lanius

Headshot of Dr. Ruth Lanius
Expanding The Circle Of Capacity: Expressive and Somatosensory Approaches to Trauma

with Dr. Cathy Malchiodi

Headshot of Cathy Malchiodi
Overcoming Trauma Through Hip Hop Restoring Self and Community Through Rhythmic Regulation and Social Action

with Dr. Raphael Travis, Jr. & J.C. Hall

Headshot of Raphael Travis, Jr.

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