Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice

In-Person Introduction to Neurofeedback Training

with Dr. Ed Hamlin, PhD &
Dr. Mary Ammerman, PsychD

July 18–21, 2023

at Western Carolina University at Biltmore Park, Ashville, North Carolina

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A Comprehensive Approach to the Clinical Application of Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback)

Suitable for

  • clinical psychologists
  • neuropsychologists
  • physicians
  • nurses
  • educational therapists
  • clinical social workers
  • counselors
  • rehabilitation specialists
  • academic researchers in neurophysiology
  • biofeedback practitioners who have limited or no background in neurofeedback

It also serves as a valuable refresher for current neurofeedback practitioners.

Course Features:

  • Comprehensive approach to clinical neurofeedback application
  • Four-day intensive in-person training with didactic presentations and hands-on practicum
  • Provided EEGer neurofeedback systems for practical application
  • Gain clear overview and evaluation skills for client suitability
  • Learn protocol selection and implementation using computerized instrumentation
  • Integrate neurofeedback confidently into your individual practice
  • Further professional development through recommended courses and clinical mentoring

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To further enhance your expertise, we recommend exploring additional courses and clinical mentoring opportunities following this introductory training. For guidance and advice, email our team at EEG Learn. We will help you find your path.



Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice

In-person Introduction to Neurofeedback Training


Four-day course with a combination of didactic presentations and hands-on training. EEGer neurofeedback systems provided onsite.

The course fee does not included meals, lodging, or transportation.

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Sebern Fisher

Therapist & Author of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain

"For psychotherapists seeking to help improve their clients' emotional, cognitive and behavioral functioning (and perhaps their own!) with neurofeedback, I recommend learning from Ed Hamlin. Ed is both a clinical and neuropsychologist with broad and deep experience in both fields. Perhaps even more importantly, he is an excellent teacher. His hands-on neurofeedback courses are accessible, thought-provoking and clinically informed. They deserve their reputation for excellence."

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Dr. Ed Hamlin, PhD

Dr. Mary Ammerman, PsychD